Gainsight Connector

Gainsight Connector

Gainsight's Customer Success Software empowers companies to increase revenue, decrease customer churn, and drive advocacy.  Gainsight is a cloud-based application and available for your migrations and integrations through the StarfishETL Cloud Designer.

The StarfishETL Connector for Gainsight is a REST connector that has both read and write capabilities supporting Companies, People and Custom Objects.  It also supports pushing CSV data to Amazon S3 which is commonly requested by Gainsight users for loading larger quantities of data.

Setup Gainsight Connector:
1.  Name your Connector
2. You can skip the "Ray" setting as it is a tool that enables access to your local data if needed.  This is Cloud-based, no Ray necessary.
3.  Choose Gainsight from the list of StarfishETL Connectors
4.  Provide your Gainsight URL
5.  API Access Key:  Instructions for generating your API Access Key can be found HERE
6.  Command line parameters not support, please skip.
7.  Test you connection and then save.

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