Implementation Options

Implementation Options

StarfishETL Implementation Options

StarfishETL On‐Prem – Install on your own server.

      Most secure option. Everything is behind the firewall
      Data doesn’t leave your organization
      If not implementing yourselves, you will need to give a StarfishETL developer access to the Server, Web Services and the server with QuickBooks (QB)
      You will be responsible for system updates
      You will be responsible for StarfishETL server on‐going maintenance
      Cost of the StarfishETL server. It can be on a shared server.
      Requires Windows servers and licensing. StarfishETL would cohabit with other applications
    StarfishETL Cartographer for Windows is in maintenance mode. Future updates to map will require connectivity to a test system for each end point that is exposed to the Cartographer.  Once changes are made, they will need to be exported to a local system and deployed locally using the StarfishETL Administration console.

StarfishETL Ray (direct to db, API or Web Service) 

StarfishETL Ray is a companion application installed on a server within the firewall that provides a second layer of security. The StarfishETL Ray connects to the StarfishETL Cartographer servers and provides a bridge between on‐premises databases and StarfishETL Integration Platform as a service (iPaaS) application. All communication from the StarfishETL Ray originates from the client‐side. The StarfishETL iPaaS does not make requests to the Ray. It is not needed if StarfishETL iPaaS and all end points are deployed on‐Premises.
 Supports only Client‐side requests. No outside access.
 Light‐weight footprint – smaller program than StarfishETL On‐Prem
 Auto‐updater – You would not need to periodically update The Ray
 Design and maintenance can be accomplished off‐site via web interface.
 No outside access to on‐premises servers required
 Installation of StarfishETL Ray
 StarfishETL Ray must have access through firewall to using secured HTTP

StarfishETL Cartographer (iPaaS) 

Uses secure HTTP port to provide StarfishETL Cloud Cartographer and StarfishETL integration engines access to local databases. Management of the maps, scheduler, administration and design components are all web‐based.
  Programming, development and management does not require user logging onto the your domain. Should facilitate the application configuration and development.
  Port access can be further protected by white listing the StarfishETL server ‘s IP address
  Port accessible from outside the firewall and if not locked down provides a potential vulnerability

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