Microsoft SQL Server Connector

Microsoft SQL Server Connector


The "SQL Server" Connector pulls data from Microsoft SQL Server.

Using rowversion fields

Many integrations run frequently and only want to pick up records modified since the last time the integration ran. This can be accomplished with Date/Time fields, but a better option is to use the MSSQL Row Version type of filed. This is a data type that exposes automatically generated, unique binary numbers within a database. rowversion is generally used as a mechanism for version-stamping table rows. The storage size is 8 bytes. The rowversion data type is just an incrementing number and does not preserve a date or a time. See:

To accomplish this: Setup your origin to use the Rowversion field. Note that you must convert the rowversion field to the bigint field type. Example:

SELECT *, CONVERT(bigint, row_version) num_row_version  FROM TBL_Company
where CONVERT(bigint, row_version) > '@@VAR:LastRowVersion@@'
order by num_row_version asc

Retrieve the LastRowVersion with a Before Once Before Conn script. Note that I am using SQLite Xrefs so I can read and write to the same Xref in the same Job. Example:

Function ScriptedVariable
End Function

Set the LastRowVersion ewith an After Repeat Each Row script. Note that I am using SQLite Xrefs so I can read and write to the same Xref in the same Job. Example:

Sub VBScriptProcedure
	If Not PreviewMode Then
		XrefWrite "LastRowVersion","Accounts","@@ORG:num_row_version@@"
	End If
End Sub

Data Source
Initial Catalog (Database Name)

SQL Server Connection Edit Screen

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