Sage 300 web service setup and configuration

Sage 300 web service setup and configuration

Setting up Sage 300 web service


Get ready - Prep

  • Sage 300 credentials
  • Sage 300 SQL database
  • Company
  • Username and password

System Prereqs

  1. .NET Framework 4.7.1+
  2. IIS with ASP.NET enabled.
  3. Installed somewhere where the Sage 100 client has also been installed. It does not have to be directly on the Sage 100 server.

Setup overview
  1. Get zip file
    • Sage 300 ERP
      • and instruction file - instruction.txt
    • Extract it and paste it into  inetpub\wwwroot
  2. Set up the Sage 300 web service as an application in IIS
    • Go to IIS
    • Go to Sites
    • Go to default web sites
    • Set up a new application pool
      • call it starfish 300
      • click advanced settings and make it a 32-bit application
    • Convert the site to an application
      • Set app pool to Starfish300
  3. Configure the web service to connect to Sage 300
    • Go to web config file using explorer
    • use default to a log file
    • set up service user
      • this is what Connect Creatio is using for the connection not the credentials for Sage
    • set up sage connection
      • connection string - this is the SQL connection string to the Sage 300 connection string
        • catalog, user id and password and version 
          • version, you don’t need to modify
  4. Test the web service
    • Select browse
      • May see a basic page with the files
    • click through the 300.svc
      • end point not found but use the the URL
  5. Open up access through the firewall to web service
    • Need access to the web service
  6. Set up Connect Creatio connection to connect to Sage 300 web service
    • Go to Connect Creatio
    • create new connector
    • user name, password, service uRL from above test

Zip file


Sage 300 download - includes web service instructions and stored procedures

  • Extract the Starfish300 folder under C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\

  • Copy folder to C:\Inetpub\wwwroot

  • Go into IIS, under sites, default website

  • Set Write permission for the IIS_IUSRS group on the new folder c:\Inetpub\wwwroot\Starfish300

  • Edit the web.config, configuring the connection string, Sage username/password, and Service username/password

  • In IIS, under Default Web Site, convert Starfish300 to an application. Enable 32-bit on the Application Pool

  • Create a separate application pool

  • Enable 32-bit - needed to communicate to Sage 300

Select browse

You might see this if you select browse

Click on CRM300.svc

This is okay

The URL from the browser is what you put into Connect Creatio - needs something besides localhost

Edit the web config file that is under the ?

replace localhost

Service user and service password - give it a user name and password to secure the web service 

  • HTTPS?
  • What else do you set up here?
  • Firewall rule

Sage user, sage password, sage company - this is what they use to log into Sage

Need the SQL connection string

  • Name of sever, connection string, user and password
  • Version string - it is defaulted to 65A

Need to open up the firewall to get access to 

Copy and paste the Starfish300 folder into the wwwroot

Right click on it and convert to application 

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