Team Members

Team Members

Team members allow multiple user logins to have access to the same Starfish instance.

Adding Team Members

To add Team Member(s) to your instance, go to Setup > Team Members. Click the Person + icon and enter the person's details in order to add a Team member to your instance. If the added member already has a Starfish account, they will get an email alerting them that they have access to a new instance, and they will be able to switch instances using the person menu in the upper right corner of the screen. If the added member does not already have a Starfish account, they will get an email with instructions to setup their new account.

Note: Team Members are not enabled for Starfish accounts by default. Contact your Account Manager if you get an error message about not being able to add  additional Team Members. Additional costs may apply.

Team Member Roles

When adding a Team Member, you can select between three levels of permissions:
  1. Normal: Team Members with the Normal Role can access only the Projects you give them access to. They cannot edit Connections.
  2. Full: Team Members with the Full Role can access only the Projects you give them access to, but they can edit Connections.
  3. Partner: Members with the Partner Role have full access to all Projects and Connections in the instance.

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